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Taizhou Youfeng Plastics.Co.,Ltd.formerly known as Taizhou City Huangyan Limao Plastics Co.,Ltd. located in South development zone of Duqiao . Traffic is very convenient, it is only 18 kilometers away from civil aviation Huang Yan airport , 2 hours away from ningbo port ....
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Youfeng Plastics such as watering can, root pot, seedling tray,PS nursery pot, sprayer , flower pots, germination tray, flower pot carry tray , garden plant label etc . We maintain an advantage....
If you are interested in this project, I hope to get more detailed information, please carefully fill out a detailed message, the more information you fill out in earnest, the more detailed description of the greater your sincerity, we will be more serious for you, the more responsible.
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